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Antigua & Barbuda: BlyssfulTravels Solo Travel Guide

Are you seeking an escape into pure paradise? Let me share with you my experience: amidst a cluster of Caribbean islands, Antigua has truly stolen my heart in every imaginable way!

BlyssfulTravels Alyssa Moore in Antigua

As I stepped onto the powdery white sands of Antigua's shores, I was immediately enveloped by the island's undeniable essence. The vibrant hues of turquoise waters stretched as far as the eye could see, beckoning me to dive into its crystal-clear depths.

Exploring the island further revealed a tapestry of lush landscapes, from thriving tropical plants to breathtaking vistas atop towering cliffs. But it wasn't just the natural beauty that captivated me; it was also the warm hospitality of the locals, who welcomed me with open arms and shared their rich culture and traditions as soon as I landed. From indulging in delectable West Indian Curry to taking in the majestic starlit sky, every moment in Antigua felt like a cherished memory in the making!

Truly, this hidden gem in the Caribbean is a paradise waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls seeking a slice of paradise. If you're looking to visit this incredible island or planning to go to Antigua, continue to read!

Pearns Point, Antigua & Barbuda

First things first, the island has a pleather of opportunities for adventure with a healthy balance of relaxation. To get the most out of your stay, I highly recommend renting a car to explore at your leisure: especially if you're not staying in Saint John (the touristy area & main town).

Antiguan Driving Styles

For Americans, such as myself, let me forewarn you that they drive on the opposite side (left side) of the road. Now, don't worry! As intimidating as it may sound, it's not hard to get used to! Take it slow & follow the car in front of you in terms of how they navigate the road and the roundabouts.

💡Prepartion Tip: Download the map on your Apple Maps and/or Google Maps to be able to access the navigation on and offline before arriving. I also scope out the roads and the elevation using the "satelitte" tool & moving it around to see how the routes are to and from certain locations. (Example: From the airport to my lodging location).

Rental Car Process

A week before arriving on the island, I secured a rental car with TG Car Rental using their website. I was immediately intrigued when I noticed they do not require a hefty deposit like most rental car companies. In fact, this local company does not require ANY type of deposit before renting or during your reservation with them.

In the Caribbean, it can be common for rental companies to charge thousands of dollars as a temporary deposit during your rental reservation.

Regardless of which company I rent with, I like to purchase additional insurance to protect against potential damage during my stay. TG Car Rental has this option available at ~$10/day (covering up to $1,000 worth of damage if you're liable).

It's better to have protection against the unknown rather than having to flush out more money than you anticipated. Trust me!

Another great part about renting with TG, they'll meet you at the airport with the requested rental, or meet you at a particular location by your request. A day before my arrival, they emailed me to gather my flight information and details to make the pickup process as smooth as possible!

When it's time to return the car, they will also meet you at the airport to drop off the rental or at your desired location.

Both options are music to my ears and I take up on that opportunity anytime I can!

Antigua & Barbuda Temporary Driver's License

Antigua requires all foreigners to have a temporary driver's license to legally operate any vehicles on the island. TG Car Rental made the process of obtaining the license even easier than I expected. As opposed to going to the police station to fill out the form, they had one on hand for me to fill out and keep for my records.

The Temporary License is $10 USD and lasts for 6 months at a time. I carried it in my fanny pack everywhere I went just in case I needed to show it to the local police.

Places to Stay

Antigua is known to be among the most prestigious Caribbean islands, as most of their resorts & boutique hotels, such as CoCo Beach Hotel, average at ~$1,500 per night (minimum). Depending on the type of traveler you are and if you're bringing company, this type of accommodation might be right up your alley.

As for me, I have it, but I am a budget traveler and love to make my money go a long way during my adventures! I opted to stay at an Airbnb right across the street from Coco Beach Hotel and Valley Church Beach. I scoped it out way ahead of time and already knew that I would spend a great deal of time there during my trip.

It was a no-brainer to take the opportunity, especially since the condo was brand new & completely affordable (~ $159 USD per night).

Solo traveling doesn't have too many cons in my eyes, but it can cost you a pretty penny since you're not splitting the expenses with another person. At the end of the day, do what makes you feel the most comfortable!!

Favorite Beaches:

Antigua is known to have 365 beaches in total around the island! After visiting a handful of them, I found most of them to be completely secluded as if you had the entire island to yourself. I've been to a galore of beaches and I have to say, Valley Church Beach and Pearns Point were my top two favorites!

Pearns Point, Antigua & Barbuda

Soon, I will post a series of videos for each of them on my YouTube channel for you to be able to experience them with me! Make sure to like and subscribe to my channel to be the first to see the Antigua Travel Guide Vlogs!

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