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Travel Must-Have: Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

Updated: Jan 2

Out of all of the travel must-haves that travelers talk about, this one is the most slept on! A carbon monoxide detector could be the saving grace between life and death.

CO Portable detector

I HIGHLY recommend all travelers, domestic and especially international travelers, to scoop one of these before heading out on your next trip! This particular portal detector has the capability of detecting toxic ranges of CO while sounding an alarm when the levels reach unhealthy or dangerous zones.

It also measures humidity levels and the surrounding temperature which is great for accompanying you during hikes, cave explorations or simply monitoring the levels in your hotel/Airbnb. ✨

Carbon Monoxide Details

Carbon monoxide detection is a safety measure that we may take for granted as it’s common to have within the building infrastructures in The States.

You may wonder, "why is it necessary?"

CO is orderless and can be impossible to detect until one starts to feel ill and that could be one second too late.

Unfortunately, I know someone whose cousin & company passed away while staying at their Airbnb in Mexico City in 2022. The family received messages that they were not feeling well and possibly thought it was due to altitude sickness since CDMX is located in a higher region than other parts of Mexico.

It's completely unfortunate and devasting that those messages were the last time that they would hear from their loved ones. I'm not mentioning this as a scare tactic of any sort, it is simply to spread awareness of the possibilities that can happen during a trip and how you do your best to avoid them if aware!

If you don't check to see if your lodging has a CO detector before booking, please begin to do so! This one is linked to my Amazon storefront. 💚

Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

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